USB-BD 5-Pack

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$ 9.99 USD

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The recent update of the classic USB-BD gets even smaller while improving connection layout. We know it's 2023, but if you're here, you know you still have a bunch of Micro-USB cables around.

The USB-BD breaks out the Micro-USB 5v vbus and data pair to standard pin headers on a 2.54mm/0.1" pitch grid. The pin headers are on opposite sides of the Micro-USB port for stability and strength when in used on a breadboard. A slide switch is optionally used to switch both 5v+ terminals simultaneously, otherwise solder the PWR jumper on the bottom to bypass the need for a switch and give yourself current capability boost.

The switches are limited in that they are technically only rated for 200mA. We have seen them work at higher currents, but for how long? We are still testing.

The 5v rail requires the switch or the PWR jumper to be soldered in order to get it to the two 5v+ connections.

If you require the data pins in conjunction with a breadboard, we suggest not using the 5v pair next to it, but the 5v pair on the other side, next to the switch, is still useable. In this configuration the USB-BD can be placed across the center break of the breadboard giving you Data + & - on one side and 5v + & - on the other.

The OTG solder jumper on the bottom pulls the ID pin to ground. It is there for your development needs. Have fun.