Get started with ESPHome

Connect your FLIP_C3 via USB-C and press CONNECT to flash with its factory firmware. This firmware will allow you to quickly (re)deploy and connect to Home Assistant.

Once complete look for the FLIP-C3-XXXXX wifi and connect to it with password GenericPassword. A login page should show up allowing you to select your wifi and enter its password. The status LED will flash until you adopt it into Home Assistant or the ESPHome dashboard. You can press the RESET button if you don't see any activity.

Troubleshooting: You may need to hold the BOOT button while plugging in the USB-C cable or tap RESET while holding BOOT until the FLIP_C3 connects to your machine. You CANNOT connect via USB while the buck converter is in use with current hardware.

This feature is only available on Chrome and Edge. When the device list shows, you may see two different ports associated with your FLIP_C3, make sure to try both.

Get started with WLED

Get a version of WLED for FLIP_C3 - WLED is designed for running addressable LEDs on ESP32 based devices. This is a work in progress.