PwrTool 500

$ 149.00 USD

$ 149.00 USD

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The PwrTool 500 is currently preparing and funding for production.

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A 500 amp power shunt for Home Assistant


The PwrTool 500 is an open source, hackable power shunt for integrating battery and DC load metering into Home Assistant. It is the first in a range of products using our recently released FLIP_C3 mainboard which integrates an ESP32-C3 and 50v+ tolerant buck converter on a compact dev board. Our default firmware is ESPHome, but you can put whatever you want on it.

The PwrTool 500 was created by Chloe Madison, a Bay Area artist and industrial designer operating under the brand Voidbox Industries, or VDBX.io - It came out of living full-time in a bus and finding the need for better open hardware that interfaces Home Assistant with off-grid battery systems.


  • 500A Peak / 300 Constant
  • TI INA238 - 16 bit Bidirectional Current Sense IC
  • 45w N-Channel MOSFET Load Control
  • SHTC3 - Temperature & Humidity
  • Daisy Chain-able Modules
  • FLIP_C3
    • ESP32-C3
    • 5V/2A Power Budget from 50VDC+
    • Qwiic / StemmaQT Connectors for I2C & UART
    • WS2812B with level shifted output on header