Simplifying the simple things...

Voidbox Industries hopes to simplify the world of DIY home automation, particularly in off-grid or battery-powered systems. We understand that the complexities of some projects can be overwhelming and even prevent users from even starting, let alone delving deeper. That's why we're here to improve the user experience and make the basics of DIY home automation more accessible to everyone. Everything we make is open source, which means that you can always modify and improve our designs to suit your specific needs

Chloe Madison - @clomads

Currently, Voidbox is the forward facing brand of artist & maker Chloe Madison (@clomads) who currently lives in the Bay Area in a converted school bus. Chloe has a deep background in digital design including UX/UI and branding. She became disillusioned by the Bay Area tech scene and instead focused her talents on learning 3D modeling and microelectronics hardware design.Until Voidbox can manage its own socials efficiently, you can find out what we're working on by following Chloe on the following platforms:

​In the future we hope to promote and manufacture products from other makers working on open source art & hardware. More specifically we are interested in promoting those among under-represented intersectionalities.