The Hactus

$ 29.00 USD

$ 29.00 USD

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We no longer have the facilities to manufacture our concrete products and don't know if it will be back. We do have circuit board sets available for you to either 3D print the planter or just stick it in some dirt.

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An art project by @clomads creates the visual of a succulent cactus with 2 interlocking circuit boards that you can use to prototype whatever electronics project you choose.

What the Hactus?

The Hactus is a unique take on the boring prototyping boards commonly found in the DIY electronics scene. The Hactus embodies the visual of a succulent cactus by way of its interlocking green perfboards that fit snugly inside the included concrete flower pot. Each of the two boards has 783 ENIG Gold Plated solder points providing you with endless possibilities for prototyping your inventions. Or just keep it as is and hold some pens or pencils in its 4 sections.If purchased alone, the circuit board pair could be placed amid a live garden with sensors or landscape lighting. I wanna see a Hactus with a lil' solar panel hat. If you do this please tag @clomads on instagram or wherever.