Concrete Card Holder

$ 35.00 USD

$ 35.00 USD

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A modern design by Chloe Madison (@clomads) attracts your eye with its unique angle and steel ball. A magnet embedded in the concrete has a strong hold on the steel ball to secure your cards anywhere.


A business card holder designed by Chloe Madison (@clomads) as she was exploring concrete as a medium. It began as a 3D model that was 3D printed, molded, and then cast in concrete. It features a steel ball that interfaces with an embedded magnet to keep cards in place.

It was sold via Chloe Madison's Etsy store and then under the Voidbox brand on Amazon through FBA. We no longer have the facilities to manufacture these, but hope to someday in the future.

The design files are available on the wiki if you're interested in making your own